Welcome to JxLib

Welcome to the home of JxLib, a javascript library for creating graphical user interaces based on the fabulous MooTools library.

This site provides access to the library as well as extensive documentation and examples. We've tried to provide a complete set of documentation and examples but there are surely some areas that are lacking. Please contact us on the mailing list if you find errors, omissions, or something you think could be done better.

Getting JxLib

You can download JxLib or go directly to GitHub.

Acknowledgements and Licenses

JxLib is distributed under the MIT license.

MooTools is distributed with JxLib and is also released under the MIT licence.

The JxLib examples include icons from the famfamfam silk icon set distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License and the Tango Desktop Project icons distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license.


Creating good, useful documentation is an ongoing challenge, but we think we've made a good start and will keep adding to it. Here's what we got so far:

Discussion Group

You can follow the JxLib discussions at our Google Group or subscribe to get the discussion via email.